Soundslides tutorials

First, I wanted to post how you convert your Soundslides project into a video for YouTube. You will find those instructions here. And the actual video converter is found here.

Second, I wanted to post  some videos that will walk you through the entire process from sound editing to Soundslides. The videos are in three parts. If you just want a Soundslides tutorial, watch Part 3.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Photoshop tutorials

Here are some helpful videos on Photoshop.

The first one is a comprehensive video on Photoshop.

And here is a link to a bunch of beginner videos on Photoshop.

You will need to work with Photoshop for your upcoming Soundslides project.

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Photography & DSLR tips

Here is a really helpful website with great beginner tips, which we will cover in class today. You should really look at them before checking out a DSLR camera from the equipment room to refresh your memory.

Here is some info on aperture.

Here is some info on ISO.

And here is some info on shutter speed.

Also, you might find some user manuals helpful for the DSLR cameras we have available. Here is a user manual for the Nikon D40. And here’s a manual for the Cannon Rebel T5i.

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Audio & Audacity

Today we will be covering audio, podcasting and Audacity. That last one is a free and easy to use program for audio editing, which you can download to your home computer.

We will cover the fundamentals of broadcasting, sound recording, interviewing, sound editing, and posting.

Here’s a video on Audacity.

And here is a video on the LAME plug-in you will need for using and exporting MP3 files on Audacity.

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Audio PowerPoint

Here’s the PowerPoint on podcasting, copyleft, GarageBand and Audacity.

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Audacity handout

Here is Audacity’s tutorial wiki.

Here is their manual online.

Here’s a handy Audacity handout.

Here is one more.

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WordPress videos

Here is a great video on WordPress. It is a short one. But if you want to revisit anything I’ve said or discussed, you will probably find it in this video.

Or here is a longer one.

And here’s a quick video on embedding media in WordPress.

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Here’s My Resume

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Blogging and Social Media

This is the PowerPoint on blogging and social media. Your blog assignment is at the end of this slideshow.

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Hello World


That’s me on the left without my signature chin whiskers.

Hello world,

Welcome to my super awesome blog about super awesome stuff.

I am an ETSU professor, who is teaching his students about social media.




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