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Audio & Audacity

Today we will be covering audio, podcasting and Audacity. That last one is a free and easy to use program for audio editing, which you can download to your home computer. We will cover the fundamentals of broadcasting, sound recording, … Continue reading

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Audio PowerPoint

Here’s the PowerPoint on podcasting, copyleft, GarageBand and Audacity.

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Audacity handout

Here is Audacity’s tutorial wiki. Here is their manual online. Here’s a handy Audacity handout. Here is one more.

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WordPress videos

Here is a great video on WordPress. It is a short one. But if you want to revisit anything I’ve said or discussed, you will probably find it in this video. Or here is a longer one. And here’s a … Continue reading

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Here’s My Resume

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Blogging and Social Media

This is the PowerPoint on blogging and social media. Your blog assignment is at the end of this slideshow.

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